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The ideal house faces south

DOUBLE-storey houses that face the south have been found to be the most Vasthu Sastra-friendly in the country. These units do not require any renovation and, consciously or otherwise, developers have designed their layout such that they follow the ancient Indian science of construction principles.  


This was what I found after analysing several hundred floor plans of houses facing the eight compass directions, following requests by readers. Potential houses buyers had wanted to know the ideal direction for houses to face. 

My checks revealed that the placement of things in south-facing houses, as decided by builders, is appropriate. The driveway and the main door in such units are located in the south or south-east, and the kitchen, in the north-west, with the stove facing north when one is cooking. 

Most of the layout plans had no toilets or bathrooms in the extreme south-west corner, the master’s quadrant, or the north-east, the spiritual quadrant. 

Nearly all the south floor plans have a small bedroom in the north-east quadrant, a favourable place for a prayer room. Do not use this particular location for a store or maid’s room. 

A few house designs had the stove area in the north-east, but this can easily be remedied by moving it to the north-west. 

he advantage of a south-facing house is that the master bedroom will naturally be in the south-west, on the front section of the top floor. The two others bedrooms can ideally be located in the north-east (for example, the son’s bedroom or study room) and north-west (the daughter’s bedroom or guest room). 

Toilets on the top floor are located in the south and north, with the commode facing north and south – all favourable positions. 

The next best choice, which requires minimum rearrangement as per Vasthu in a ready-built house, is houses that face north. In such units, the only issue is the couple will have to give up the master bedroom in the north-east for a prayer room or study, and occupy the smaller room in the south-west. 

In north-facing units, I found the kitchen favourably located in the south-east, with the stove facing east when one is cooking. 

While the Vasthu orientation of east- and west-facing houses can be challenging, those that have difficulty complying with Vasthu are units that face, diagonally, the north-east, north-west, south-east and south-west.  

In such houses, major amenities were placed in unfavourable locations. Most of the units had the staircase and toilets located inauspiciously in the north-east or south-west. Such defects will affect the growth and prosperity of the occupants. 

If you are looking for a house, avoid purchasing such properties because if you wish to follow Vasthu rules, you will need to redesign the interior. And that can be costly. 

Vasthu talks 

The columnist will give a talk on Vasthu Sastra and the astrology forecast for 2007 on Jan 13, 7pm, at the Shell Training Centre in Jalan Rumah Rehat, Port Dickson. Admission is by contribution of RM10 to the Port Dickson Rotary Club. To register, call Dr Lingam at 012-6820373. 

A similar talk will be held on Feb 11, 7pm, at Cititel Hotel in Penang. Admission is by contribution of RM10 to the Tantra Education Centre. To register, call Muthu at 017-5027435. 

T. Selva, The Star’s Maritime Editor, has spent years researching this ancient Indian science of construction, better known as ‘Indian feng shui’. He is a student of 7th generation Vasthu Sastra Master Yuvaraj Sowma from Chennai, India. He can be contacted at tselvas@thestar.com.my

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